US Can Ch. Kharak Lady Aleisha - "Tia"
Tia at 7 months

Tia and her brother Harih were born in the UK on 1 August 2001. They were among a remarkable litter of 14 puppies, bred by Brenda Kennedy, all of which survived and were healthy. The pair are owned jointly by my brother John and I. This picture is of Tia at the age of 7 months, just before the long journey to Canada. Tia and Harih, her litter brother, completed the long flight to Canada seemingly without any problems. On arrival, the pair left the airport like seasoned travellers. Within a few days they had settled down with the other dogs and recognised their positions in the hierarchy.

Tia sitting

"Tia" at 14 months.
Picture taken on the shores of Lake Michigan at the 2002 AHCA Specialty, where she won her class in the sweeps.  

Tia with Jen

Tia stayed with and was handled by Jen Erickson (Cairo Afghans) in California to compete for her US title. She won the final points to gain her title on 30 May 2004 at the Reno Kennel Club meeting in Carson City NV.

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