Afghan Hound Racing in the UK.

There are several Afghan Hound Racing Clubs in the UK. They generally hold monthly meetings, weather permitting, from March to October. The highlight of the season is the "Intertrack" meeting, where the clubs compete against each other. The clubs take turns in hosting the meeting.

Up to four dogs at a time race against each other. They are graded according to their speed in completing the course.

It is not all "serious" racing. Some owners will bring their dogs for the exercise, and because their dogs seem to enjoy the chase in a relatively safe enclosed environment. Some seem to enjoy the in-field rather than the track.

Then there are the other breeds that come along. Generally they are sighthounds,including Salukis, Greyhounds, Whippets, and lurchers, but we have seen beagles, Parson Jack Russells, and even Thai Ridgebacks

These pictures feature dogs in the UK participating at meetings of the South East Afghan Hound Racing and the Southern Afghan Hound Racing Clubs.

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Photos by John Fincham
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